Human disinfection

This is an information site discussing the proliferation of new practices to disinfect humans and open spaces using chemicals to tackle Covid-19, and an exploration to their effect on human and environmental health. 

Discover what practices are being applied currently and what are their claims. 


Most common substances used in these new measures and their effects on human and environmental health.


See what epidemiologists, toxicologists, Ministries of Health and experts are saying.


Still have some questions, look at the FAQs on human disinfection practices.

Spraying of individuals with disinfectants (such as in a tunnel, cabinet, or chamber) is NOT recommended under any circumstances. This practice could be physically and psychologically harmful and would not reduce an infected person's ability to spread the virus through droplets or contact.

World Health Organization

Staying Safe

If you are having an allergic reaction because of an exposition to these chemicals wash your eyes with plenty of water and your body with water and soap. If there are symptoms of lack of breath and/ or chest pain, and a burning sensation contact your general doctor.


Wash your hands


Practice social distance


Wear a face mask


Stay safe, stay home


We will get through this!

Image credit: from the Noun Project (woman)

Ddara from the Noun Project (disinfector)

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